Launching Charitable Initiatives

Our project hosting and incubation experience enables philanthropists to have an expedited and compliant impact on society’s most complex and challenging issues facing all demographics in the United States. We bring a knowledgeable and experienced team to identify and develop the necessary elements to give your project a fighting chance in a cost-effective manner. We can also provide full financial management, hiring and human resources support, and spinoff services should your project eventually benefit from becoming an independent entity.

The Institute can manage projects that involve a group of diverse donors that seek similar philanthropic objectives. Our approach brings efficiency, compliance, and clarity of mission toward the end goal of achieving impactful education. Specifically, we will establish a project’s infrastructure, set up its advisory board, and coordinate advisory board members and project activities.

Donor Collaboratives

Grant Making

Essential to our mission is supporting other existing public education entities organized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code through grant-making. We understand that coalitions are an important component of public education efforts and that donors often seek multiple avenues to achieve their philanthropic goals. We want to assist in this effort by providing the same level of professionalism, dedication to compliance, and focus on advancing a donor’s intent as we do our own fiscal sponsorship projects.